Nevada annual statement publication

Nevada requires all foreign corporations doing business in the state to publish an annual statement.

The Secretary of State’s web site provides information on the requirements.

The term “foreign corporation” does not refer to another country. Instead, it refers to another U.S. state where a corporation registers or qualifies to do business, which is different from the corporation’s domestic state where it was incorporated.

What you need to include in the statement

The Nevada annual statement for foreign corporations is a statutory requirement pursuant to Nevada Revised Statutes 80.190 and it must include:

  • Name of the corporation,
  • Name and title of the corporate officer submitting the statement,
  • Mailing or street address of the corporation’s principal office and
  • Mailing or street address of the corporation’s office in Nevada, if there is one.

This statement has to appear in two (2) issues of any newspaper published in Nevada that has a total weekly circulation of 1,000 or more.

Please note: Some solicitations in the past from publications claiming to be qualified in Nevada to publish these notices are, in fact, scams. They do not meet the necessary requirements for publication of such notice.

You can check on the legitimacy of Nevada publications by contacting the Nevada Press Association, or checking its directory of member publications. Not all members of NPA are qualified to publish notices, but if the newspaper you are checking is not in the directory then it is not qualified.

How to place a notice

Public notices must be published in newspapers of general circulation in Nevada.

If you need to have a notice printed:

  1. Determine the county in which the notice needs to be published. Because notices reach local audiences, most are required to be published in the county where the court action, foreclosure, name change, etc. is taking place.
  2. Contact a newspaper in that county. Every county in Nevada has at least one newspaper qualified to publish notices. You can find newspapers by visiting the Nevada Press Association‘s website, or drop us an email and we’ll help you.
  3. Once the newspaper has published your notice, it will be sent to the statewide site and be available online, as well as being printed in the paper.

How to subscribe

You can subscribe to Nevada public notices with a keyword or phrase, so that when a notice is uploaded to our site you receive an email.

For example, you could subscribe with the keyword ‘foreclosure’ and be notified of every notice with that word. That may get you more notices than you want, so you can narrow your search by county.

Or perhaps you are interested in government contracts for concrete work. Use the keyword ‘concrete’ and receive those notices.

Subscriptions cost as little as $15 for a month for Nevada notices, or $99 for an entire year.

You can also subscribe to notices in almost any state in the nation.

Nevada Revised Statutes

Nevada Revised Statutes contain requirements for publishing notices in newspapers throughout several of its sections.

To see some of the most common — for both government and private notices — visit the notices page at the Nevada Press Association’s main site.

The definition of a newspaper qualified to publish public notices is contained in NRS 238.
Here’s the basic definition:
NRS 238.030 Publication of legal notice or advertisement only in qualified newspaper of general circulation; exceptions.
      1.  Any and all legal notices or advertisements shall be published only in a daily, a triweekly, a semiweekly, a semimonthly, or a weekly newspaper of general circulation and printed in whole or in part in the county in which the notice or advertisement is required to be published, which newspaper if published:
      (a) Triweekly, semiweekly, semimonthly, or weekly, shall have been so published in the county, continuously and uninterruptedly, during the period of at least 104 consecutive weeks next prior to the first issue thereof containing any such notice or advertisement.
      (b) Daily, shall have been so published in the county, uninterruptedly and continuously, during the period of at least 1 year next prior to the first issue thereof containing any such notice or advertisement.
      4.  If in any county in this State there shall not have been published therein any newspaper or newspapers for the prescribed period, at the time when any such notice or advertisement is required to be published, then such notice or advertisement may be published in any newspaper or newspapers having a general circulation and printed and published in whole or in part in the county.
    NRS 238.040  Second-class mailing permit required for qualification.  After December 31, 1954, no newspaper is competent as the means for the publication of any legal notice or advertisement unless the newspaper possesses and maintains in force a valid second-class mailing permit issued by the United States Postal Service.

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