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Nevada requires all foreign corporations doing business in the state to publish an annual statement.

A foreign corporation is a corporation that was incorporated in one state and then expands into another state, where it is considered “foreign,” since each state has different state statutes and laws.

The Secretary of State’s web site provides information on the requirements for Nevada annual statement publication.

What you need to include in the annual statement

The Nevada annual statement for foreign corporations is a statutory requirement pursuant to Revised Statutes 80.190 and it must include:
▪ Name of the corporation,
▪ Name and title of the corporate officer submitting the statement,
▪ Mailing or street address of the corporation’s principal office and
▪ Mailing or street address of the corporation’s office in Nevada, if there is one.

This statement has to appear in two (2) issues of any newspaper published in Nevada that has a total weekly circulation of 1,000 or more. Requirements for legal publication Please note: Some solicitations in the past from publications claiming to be qualified in Nevada to publish these notices are, in fact, scams. They do not meet the necessary requirements for publication of such notice.
You can check on the legitimacy of Nevada publications by contacting the Nevada Press Association, or checking our directory of member publications. Not all members of NPA are qualified to publish notices, but if the newspaper you are checking is not in the directory then it is not likely to be qualified. If your notice of annual statement appears in a publication that does not qualify under Nevada statutes, then it is not a valid notice and you may be in violation of the law.